Higher participation. Healthier employees.

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cor uses motivation, education, & communication
to fully engage your employees in their health.

  1. Motivation

    Team-based corporate fitness challenges (e.g. weight loss competition, 10k steps, etc.) get your people moving, literally, & spark interest in your worksite wellness program.

  2. Education

    Content & resources on fitness, nutrition, & all aspects of wellness give employees the tools they need to reach their fitness goals & learn more about living healthier lives.

  3. Communication

    Leverage your internal “social wellness network” with tools that allow your employees to easily share tips, ideas, & encourage each other.

cor delivers measurable results
for your employees & your company

  1. Better Engagement

    Simple, personalized, & most of all, fun. Your people will be begging you for more.

  2. Healthier Employees

    We’ve helped our clients lose tens of thousands of pounds & walk hundreds of thousands of miles.

  3. Measurable Results

    Clear, actionable participation and outcomes metrics available to you in real-time.

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Better engagement. Healthier employees. Measurable results.

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